my bed this morning

my banner found a home.
my pillows plumped for an achey back.
my boppy within arm's reach for nursing.
my newly crocheted basket filled with yarn kept close by.
my time passing too quickly each day.
out of sight - bible, current read, cell phone, calendar (for scheduling the new year), fingerless gloves (removed for snapping the shot and quickly replaced to beat the chill) and a reese's peanut butter cup (wrapper) on the nightstand.  oh and a baby boy sleeping in a bassinet.


Loutrel said...

Got to comment on the title picture. I think that is great picture of Enzo's acting out "I've been shot!"

annalea said...

so true!!! that is hilarious. love you.

Lora said...

i love it all! awesome...

RachelDenbow said...

Prettiest word banner online!

annalea said...

thanks girls!

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