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beloved bedroom banner

don't you just love this?

i forgot to mention earlier the story behind the banner. i was inspired by this photo of amy's on flickr. (check out her blog - chock full of great design, lovely homes, and the beauty of everyday life.) i wanted to make something similar for jesse. initially i thought it would make a great valentine's day gift, but i just couldn't wait that long. i chose song of songs chapter 2 verse 16. i thought a daily reminder of the love we share with each other and our Creator would give us encouragement through the tough times. i was a busy bee on christmas eve finishing up this gift. then i hung it in our living room to surprise him the next morning.

my beloved

if you want to make your own banner, it is truly a simple, simple project. i freehanded the letters (a bit of imperfection makes them stand out i think), but you could easily blow up a font on the computer and use it as a template. the larger letters stand about 7" tall and 5" wide. the smaller size is about 4" by 3". but again, do what makes sense for you, there are no hard and fast rules here. i used a rotary cutter and exacto knife on a cutting mat, but scissors would also work. i hole punched the top of each letter and weaved yarn through back to front (check out the next photo for a closer view).

beloved by day

that's it! it is so easy to personalize with your own sentiment. let me know if you try it and share a photo of your project.


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