same boy

photo credit: john brankin

both of the following statements were made by luca within an hour of each other last night.

"mama, papa, guess how much i love him (enzo)? from his heart to the moon. that's a big love."

okay, lets stop there. maybe the sweetest thing my ears have ever heard. you too? i thought so. this was completely unprovoked and unexpected. he just loves his brother that much.

but no, my biggest little boy also is just that - a boy. and he talks about boy things. at places like the dinner table. also unprovoked and unexpected.

". . . i shook my naked buttcheeks like a mutt in the air."

yes, you read right. the kid was explaining how he mooned me earlier in the day, but the description was extremely . . . unique. (we have since discussed the appropriateness of such behavior. we'll see if it sticks.)

i love this boy.


*mindi* said...

haha! That is VERY descriptive! You might have a little writer on your hands. :)

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