our hartbeat 2010 (part one)

as we approach the new year, i have been thinking about the purpose of this blog. for the most part, i have limited the content to anecdotes and photos of our beautiful family, lovely home, and evolving artistic endeavors. it has been so much fun to share our lives with those near and far, our family, friends, and even strangers. the plan is to continue to share these snapshots into casita hart.

but blogs evolve. i have made some obvious layout changes, am going through the archives to label past posts and doing other general clean-up. but more importantly, i would like to expand the content. the plan is still taking shape and as it does, i would like to introduce you, dear reader, to the changes.

one topic i have not addressed often or thoroughly on this blog is my ongoing struggle with fibromyalgia. one day i will tell my story with more detail. but, to be brief, i was diagnosed in march of '99 after spending a year with unexplained widespread pain and extreme fatigue. since that time, i have been learning to cope with the limitations of my illness.

note: this has been an uphill battle fought kicking and screaming. in no way let my sometimes clinical discussion (such as above) fool you. at times i like to remove myself from the ridiculously complicated emotions tangled up in this decade long struggle.

this year, i plan on including more regular posts on how fibro effects my life as a wife, mama, homemaker, friend, artist and most importantly follower of jesus. i admit that this is a bit self-serving - i consider it a type of therapy to compose my thoughts here - i am a verbal processor - rambling about in blogland. (jesse is an excellent sounding board, but our time together is limited and precious. my blog has all the time in the world.)

i think that sharing my stories - letting you in on the blood, sweat and tears - could be encouraging. don't you have something that holds you back from who you want to be? i would guess that all of us could relate to that - whether a physical illness, a spiritual crisis, emotional baggage - we can learn from each other.

not that i am an ultimate authority, but i can share with you our personal journey - the costs (and, surprisingly, the rewards) of living with fibro.


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