month one

we can honestly say we have survived the first month as a party of five. wahoo! (gia is rubbing off on me)

it has been a very full 4+ weeks. i am truly exhausted and would love a full night's sleep. who am i kidding? i would love to just sleep more than 3 hours at a time. it doesn't help that this is typically the busiest time of year and right now i am a walking zombie half of the time.

last week i took an unplanned blogging hiatus. i could not find the time. my spare moments were spent prepping gia's party, working on her birthday present (photos to come), shopping for and wrapping christmas gifts, and zoning out in front of the tv. my grandma came on wednesday to provide some much needed support. it was so great having the company and help. i was able to get out of the house a bit by myself! she also whipped up some yummy food to stock our freezer, so we are set for the next few weeks.

i had hoped to post a "here is enzo at one month" photo with a little update, but it is ultra gloomy here today and i have not been motivated to pull out the camera. maybe tomorrow? the top photo is my fave from last week. isn't it adorable? we went for a well baby check this morning. he now tips the scale at 9 lbs 11 oz, which is only the 55th percentile. i say "only" because i don't think luca and gia ever make it less than the 95th. my concern for a possible thrush infection was confirmed, but i was actually a bit relieved. the pain while nursing has been horrible (for me) over the last few days and i am glad to be able to do something about it. otherwise, he is very healthy boy. yay! he is beginning to coo and we have a couple social smiles from him this past weekend. makes my heart so full. i could just stare at him for hours!


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