meeting the boy

if i keep posting three times a day maybe i will actually "catch up" on all of the happenings of the hart clan. here is another flashback from a couple weeks back. wow. has it really been that long?

the hospital room and our living room, 11.22.09 & 11.23.09

viejo (grandpa hart)

scrunchies (grandma hart)

grandpa cashew (jimmo)

cece (grandma jimmo)

tia becky

jesse's parents and sister had a trip planned to illinois (all the way from houston) the same weekend the cashew arrived. they drove into town less than 24 hours after he was born and came straight to the hospital to meet the little guy. my parents spent the weekend spoiling their older two grandchildren, but stole away for an hour to visit us (letting the other set of grandparents take over for a bit).

of special note: enzo's middle names come from both of his grandpas. david from my dad and jacinto from jesse's. it was so neat to announce his name with both of them in the room the day we came home from the hospital.


Laura S said...

you have been so busy since the baby! I, for one, am amazed. He is a super cutie, I can't wait for our clans to meet up again soon. Also, when you get a chance I would love the instructions for the no-sew swaddle blankets. I need a few more and think it is a great gift idea! Love you!

annalea said...

wesley's birth announcement was so sweet! it will be fun to introduce our boys in the future! hope you are all adjusting well - and getting sleep when you can :) love, annalea

(i'll let you know about those blankets soon)

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