how to make a baby burrito

disclaimer: no babies harmed in the making of these blankets. although yummy enough to eat, we do not endorse consuming these burritos. only snuggling.

swaddled bundle of boy
(the sun and my happy baby left moments before this photoshoot. result: sad and slightly blurry photos)

i have had several requests for more info on the no sew swaddling blankets i made and have been using for enzo. sorry for the delay - here is the 411.

i was inspired by rachel's flickr photo. she blogged about it here. the only difference in mine is that i cut a 36" square. i would even go up to 1 and quarter yards square, depending on baby size. it seems, especially at 3am when my eye hand coordination is not spot on, that i need a bit more fabric to make this bundle of yumminess without much effort. but enzo is a tiny guy (in hart sizes), so my one yarders work great.

swaddling blankets

the array of colors available in double knit jersey is fantastic - saturated brights and soothing neutrals. what's also great, is there will be enough leftover jersey after making your cuts to sew a few hats for the little one.

thanks rachel for the inspiration! i recommend checking out her blog, smile and wave. she is one crafty mama with a great sense of style (and she has some adorable kiddos).


Roxanne said...

awesome- do you think I could make one with a light weight fabric for Africa? like muslin?

Laura S said...

Thanks for the instructions girl!! I will have to get some double knit jersey (and borrow a sewer's rotary cutter and mat).

RachelDenbow said...

Thanks for the link up! Your little one is beautiful!!!

annalea said...

oh you are welcome rachel. thanks for the inspiration! and i meant to give you a head's up earlier on the link up but my brain is a little baby fried :)

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