first project a.e.

as gia would say, "tada!"

my first completed project since i joined the ranks of sleep deprived mamas of three children (a.e. = after enzo). yes it was easy and small, but i had to start somewhere. maybe a simple tutorial will be coming. definitely a post on the amazing box of goodies i received earlier this fall making this (and some other works in progress) possible to come.

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. . .


*mindi* said...

this is beautiful :) I found your blog on flickr through the Ga-ga for garland group!

Lora said...

can i just say - I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!! it is simply amazing. and you have such a flare for decorating... i wanna be like you! :)

annalea said...

thanks girls!

lora - you are too sweet. :)

mindi - thanks for visiting!

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