after a fortnight. . .

. . . i am flexing the creative muscles once again.

made another little knit cap for a soon to be arriving baby boy this past weekend and gifted them with some easy no-sew knit swaddling blankets. (no photos because getting our family of five ready and out the door to make it to the baby shower on time was a major undertaking and a feat to take pride in.)

yesterday, i pulled out some yummy silk scraps to craft some holiday goodness. i finished the project, but do not have a finished product photo to share just yet. probably not too hard to guess what it will be from the above work-in-progress shots.

here is my trusty helper keeping an eye out on my work. i love having him to sneak peeks at while sewing. and when i talk to myself out loud, it seems more appropriate with an audience.

but this is pretty tiring work and soon he just responds with the sweet snores and grunts of a two week old.


Sonya said...

wow Annie- he seems way different from the other two! how is he doing?

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