the tenth month

guess what?

no, not that. that is not the cashew. just remembering what a sweet newborn face looks like. lucciano, march 2005

just letting you know that we are patiently waiting for this boy. last week was pretty ridiculous. contractions all the time and constant exhaustion. but thursday night they started to subside. upside being i was able to catch up on much needed rest. downside being labor not happening.

this morning i woke up feeling so much better. best night sleep i have had in two weeks. my attitude for this week is much improved as well. i am having fun as a mama, working on christmas gifts, and keeping the house somewhat clean.

on friday, we discussed the possibility of induction with the midwife. the plan is to wait until this coming friday when i am just about 41 weeks. at that time, i will have a nonstress test. for about an hour, i will be hooked up to a monitor checking the baby's resting and active heart rates. i will also have a sonogram to check his movements, the placenta and amniotic fluid levels. depending on what these show, they will either decide to induce then or wait until monday. meaning i have at most one week remaining in this pregnancy. after 40+ weeks, i think i can handle that.

looking forward to seeing this again soon.

giavanna, december 2006


Rebecca said...

Good attitude Annalea! I'm glad you got some rest. I'm so excited to meet this wee baby Hart. Love you:)

Roxanne said...

hang in girl!! Praying...

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