soon a tiny (and most likely hairy) head will fill this hat. soon may be tonight or soon may be several days from now. my contractions started last night about 10-15 minutes apart and have been increasing in strength and frequency since then. the baby has dropped - the bonus being i can now breathe easily and walking across a room doesn't leave me wheezing. we have prepared the kids to not expect us in the morning. :)

i sewed the hat this afternoon. something i have been hoping to make for sometime. just needed the proper motivation i guess. i love it. look for it in our coming home from the hospital photos. ;)


the inadvertent farmer said...

Darling hat...can't wait to see a little head in it. Baby heads are simply the best!

Elizabeth Linder said...

I love this hat!!! So cute- how did you make it?? Congrats to you and your beautiful family. Hope your baby comes soon!

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