while sleeping off the remainder of last night's tylenol pm (the only way i can sleep through the pain and unproductive contractions at night- even if the medicine does make me nauseated, jittery, and groggy all at the same time), the sounds of arguing little voices drift up to my bed this morning.

luca: "i am not wrong. i am right. you are wrong."

gia: "i am not wrong. you are wrong."

luca: "no, i am not wrong. I AM RIGHT!"

gia: "i am right."

luca: "gia, you are wrong. i am right. i am right because i am older and that makes me right. YOU ARE WRONG."

i have no idea where they get their stubbornness.


textile junkie, writing her way through life... said...

:) What a great conversation, and it reminds me so much of my own two! Stubborn? Who them? No......

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