looking ahead and looking back

just wanted to let you all know that we are still waiting for the boy to make his appearance. this week has included two trips to labor and delivery. ugggh. every night i feel like i am in the beginning stages of labor and every morning i wake up in my own bed at 7am. are they making a sequel to groundhog day? have i been casted? i am exhausted physically. i am nervous about the state my body will be in when i actually have to deliver this little guy, but all i can do is rest all day.

this week has been tough for another reason. exactly a year ago tonight, jesse and i were sitting in the emergency room waiting to hear the heartwrenching news about our little harehok. i have been really struggling at this bittersweet time - the continued sorrow over our loss and the anticipation of such happiness.

i appreciate the prayers said for us and the kind words sent to us this week. thank you all. i might not get back to you before the cashew arrives - spending my time focusing on what i need to get through - but know that our hearts are touched by your love.


Roxanne said...

cannot believe you are still waiting, sorry girl!! But maybe Cashew knows NOve 14th is a great day to be born!!! praying.....