in case you were wondering

we are still here - at home - with no baby born. around 5pm yesterday, the contractions started coming regularly again (the third time since thursday night). they were averaging 4 minutes apart by 10pm, getting progressively stronger, but then they tapered off around 3:30am. a long night, to say the least. my body is pretty exhausted from these last few nights. i know it is all doing something though and i keep praying it makes the labor at the hospital more efficient.

the strength of the contractions is increasing again this morning and i am still hoping to make our way over there today. pray for us. we need it.

we'll let you know when the cashew arrives. xoxo


Roxanne said...

praying for you girl!! Hope we hear news soon of healthy cashew and YOU!

the inadvertent farmer said...

Praying for a peaceful mama and a healthy baby! Let us know...praying.

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