how about saturday?

we went to see the midwife today - never thought we would need this appointment at 40.5 weeks. it was possibly our most action packed time at the office - starting with luca's mega-fit in the waiting room, which turned into a punching, scratching, and screaming match while the nurse was checking my weight and blood pressure. fun stuff.

baby boy sounded good, but it seems like he might have decided to plump up this week. according to this midwife (we see a practice of 6 and rotate between them for appointments), the little guy might weigh in bigger than gia's 8lb 9oz. yikes! almost this entire pregnancy we have been told that we were looking at the smallest of our babies. time will tell.

and that time is coming sooner than expected. while at the office, our induction for monday was unable to scheduled. seems like labor and delivery is packed full at the beginning of next week (pre-thanksgiving babies galore). so we were asked, "how about saturday?" as much as i am praying fervently that i can go into natural labor before an induction, i responded, "great."

so, in less than 72 hours we should be meeting our cashew!!!!


Laura S said...

Yay!!! I will pray for you guys on Saturday and am sending you blessings and well wishes. I can't wait to get our families together again with our new additions!

Sonya said...

SOOOO EXCITING!!!!! I cannot believe that he has waited so long. Watch the cashew will weigh in around ten pounds or something nuts...well for your sake I hope not! I am looking forward to coming for a visit sooner than later!

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