hello world

my name is lorenzo david jacinto hart,
but you can call me enzo.

on saturday, november 21st at 8:28pm, i arrived weighing 7lb 15.9oz and measuring 19 inches. my hair is dark blonde and i have grey-blue eyes.

i really like to cuddle and sleep and i am told i am a super chill baby. that's me. i am just cool like that. when i am awake, i have a very quiet and serious observance of my surroundings. my cry sounds like a little mouse squeak and i have chicken legs.

my mama "might" have more to say about me later. so i'll just end this post here and leave it to her.
hope to meet you soon!


Josh Peters said...

Congratulations! Danielle and I are happy for you all.

Captivated said...

Yay! Awesome name for a sweet boy:) Congrats! Love you guys!

Lora said...

he is just beautiful! congratulations!
thanks for entering my giveaway. i love your blog, too

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