being silly, staying busy

for some reason, i have convinced myself that this boy will be born today. don't ask me why. well, you could and i would tell you that everything is set up for me to be comfortably gone from my home for a few days without worry - an organized and fairly tidy house, laundry caught up, day of rest yesterday and a great family weekend behind me, no projects pressing to be finished. luca and gia are healthy. i think 11.2.09 is a nice birthdate (makes my mathematical side smile). i am showered. my hair looks nice. the camera battery is fully charged. the champagne is bought. the bag is packed.

if the day ends and no baby has come, i will just have to take a deep breath and get ready for the next 11 or so days of waiting. but today will be hard. i am a bit stir crazy.

so i am taking that pile of things that have collected in my craft closet needing to be mended and i will become a stuffed animal doctor, a restorer of books, an amateur cobbler, and a seamstress for ripped pants knees, fallen hems, and a wounded dragon's tail. just trying to stay busy. maybe while eating halloween candy.


Laura S said...

Hang in there Annalea! We both ALMOST there! I promise. Hope you are all well as you await the little guy.

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