tired fingers, happy hart

the preparations for our little cashew are coming to an end. we are putting the final touches on his nursery. here is a look at the last major project i completed yesterday. hours upon hours of stitching were spent sunday to create embroidered art and i enjoyed every minute. i am pretty much loving it. i can imagine being propped by pillows on the daybed staring up at this wall while nursing, luca and gia playing on the rug below. just 26 days until our due date. . .

the great-grandpa paintings, my fabric scrap garland, and five pieces of embroidery on linen

wall detail

my favorite of the hoops has this fantastic quote from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis - a must read!

initial H from a vintage embroidery book

words to live by and pass on to the next generation


Roxanne said...

really beautiful Ann- love it!! We may be coming down to C-U sometime in ealry December...depending on what the dr says. Hope I get to see you and the fam during our stay in the US.

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