scarves and apples = fall

one of my goals for this year was to finally learn how to knit and crochet. what has taken me so long? well, i finally began last month. jesse had thoughtfully brought me home a pair of knitting needles and gorgeous yarn from a business trip a couple months back. i checked out a book from the library - horrible idea - like i am going to learn without clear visuals. then i began an on-line search for video tutorials. jackpot! this great website was invaluable. i made a few tiny pieces while learning the basic stitches (which are happily used in our dollhouse) and for my first real project, i started simply. the above photo shows an almost completed scarf. now that i finished, the below photos show the lovely model wearing her mama's hard work. the apple was my way of getting her stay still while i snapped the shots. don't they just scream fall?


The Wooden Spool said...

simply lucious.....lovin these photgraphs to compliment the gorgeous scarf, and darling girlie.
good for you! i am a beginner with knitting and crocheting, too....scarves are my only attempt at yarn, thus far.
happy fall!

inadvertent farmer said...

Well I would have noticed the scarf if it wasn't for the curls!!! Simply wonderful shots, Kim

Laura S said...

Good job annalea! Next time we see each other, I can give you a few tricks for cute baby stuff. I am thinking of making a norwegian style baby cap for him soon!

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