ready and waiting

it is finished. after much hard (but super fun) work, we have officially finished the nursery! it is the most complete room in the entire house. funny how that works. maybe something to do with the whole deadline of a due date. now we just need a little cashew to fill the space. until then, luca, gia, and i will spend time building block towers on the rug and reading books on the daybed.

the above images are thanks to our friend darren, who generously offered his time to help with the photo shoot. (and he brought some awesome equipment for super cool quality!)


Christina.B said...

If so, I will be voting. I love that room!

Christina.B said...

Actually correction. After peaking at your flickr stream
I love your whole house! It is so bright, and cheerful.

annalea said...

thanks christina.b! the voting is up now.

your kids are adorable btw :)

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