not so blah anymore

the alarm went off and i just wanted to pull the covers over my head and go back to bed. we have had a seriously slow start this morning. sick kids, a tired mama and gloomy skies = a long day.

what is good medicine for a case of the blahs? for me it was seeing this post on apartment therapy today. sitting in my jammies and sipping steamy sweet chai, i loved seeing these photos of our house. this place gives me so much joy - a testament of the love i have for my family and the home we are creating together.

you know what is even better medicine for my soul? getting long awaited phone time with one of my besties. better get the kids set up with a movie so i can talk to her uninterrupted. ttfn!


the inadvertent farmer said...

That fuchsia coverlet on the blue bed is stunning. I must go paint something now...

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