luca facts

what you would learn about this four and a half year old if you spent a weekend here:

  • he loves green.
  • he loves bears.
  • he pretends to be a green bear, sometimes a green carebear.
  • he loves classical music, particularly bach.
  • he wants to live on top of the eiffel tower.
  • his favorite letter is B (because it is the first letter in bear)
  • he loves jello, particularly lime because it is green.
  • he is so excited about his little brother and is now asking everyday if today is the day he will come out.
  • he thinks his mama can make anything and his papi can fix anything.
  • he hates loud noises.
  • he loves all things little and cute. especially if they are green. or a bear. or julia smith (a one year old from our church).
  • he pretty much taught himself simple addition (all single digit numbers).
  • he is adorable.


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