cut off

i am trying to write this post while listening to some jason mraz, but the problem is i keep stopping to sing and dance in my chair. sorry if it is a little choppy.

last saturday, the power cord for my computer stopped working. too many hard pulls by running little feet i guess. so i have been cut off from my on-line community for seven days. i finally finished sorting through my inbox - now just to return those e-mails. here is a quick rundown of the week:
  • fantastic weekend at home - first one in a month without travel. lots of work in the garden prepping for the winter. plus a super great lazy sunday at home that ended in a gorgeous fall day walk and a yummy curry dinner with friends.
  • one of my closest friends, karen, gave birth to her firstborn on saturday afternoon. welcome to the world hamilton enoch danger hayes!
  • sewed fall pillow covers - love them so much - photos to come
  • lots of cleaning and keeping up on a chaos free home. this has been a big goal of mine in preparing for cashew's arrival. i have not been successful in the past about keeping a consistently well-maintained home. the new discipline has been a huge encouragement.
  • a visit from my good friend kelsey. we moved within the same week in march '08 and this was our first prolonged visit since then.
  • ultrasound on tuesday morning to check cashew's growth. he is looking great! approximately 5 lbs 12 oz and may possibly be the smallest of the kiddos at birth.
  • made apple crisp several times using our half bushel from the orchard trip last week. planning an apple pie filling cooking marathon for monday to freeze for the holidays.
  • finished my first knitting project - a scarf for gia, which was almost lost on a walk home from the library. :( but found by grandpa a block and half away. :)
  • had a migraine all day thursday -tons of support from our friends. thanks to everyone who offered to help and those that took luca and gia while i rested.
now i am off to pack for my last mamacation before this little one decides to arrive. starting at 10am tomorrow morning, i will spend 28 hours with some other great girlfriends. and to top it off i will meet little hamilton on sunday afternoon. woohoo!


Stan & Jess said...

Hey Annalea if you get a chance,
Will you e-mail how you freeze your pie filling? That is if you get a chance. Do you need to do anything special to prep so that some apples stay crisp when you bake it later? We too went to the orchard and I've done applesauce, crisps, and a frozen pie filling sounds like the perfect way to finish our haul!

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