this little cashew

here is my not quite successful attempt to take my own belly pic. a bit blurry, with a fuzzy blue arm spot in the corner, and not quite cropped how i would love. (and that is after editing.) next time - leave myself more time for fine tuning and remind the sun to come out from behind the rain clouds.

so i haven't given a proper update on the pregnancy for quite some time - and i have been catching flack for it. sorry. the nesting part of this experience has taken center stage - mostly so i can have more time with the boy when he arrives.

we visited the midwife practice on monday for our 32 week appointment. ahhhh! i can not believe we are so close to meeting our baby! everything is going smoothly. we have a sonogram scheduled in two weeks to check his weight. i have gained very little in the last two months and since i am carrying him so unusually, they can't get a feel for him. so, they just want to check things out, but don't seem overly concerned. therefore, i am choosing to feel the same.

i think it is amusing that i have begun to prefer the future of sleepless nights and a body recovering from labor and delivery. i will gladly trade the heartburn, back pain, braxton hicks, and general discomfort. i am not sleeping much anyway between these symptoms and the need to make a run for the bathroom twice a night. this time around i am much more aware of the briefness of this stage. no sense of wanting to hurry through.

i am so thankful for this healthy pregnancy. we feel so blessed. this time last year, we were celebrating the news of our third pregnancy. i remember sharing that news with our church family at our annual fall retreat and we leave for that same retreat tomorrow. so many emotions rolled churning around - the sweet remembrance of the short time we had with harehok and the sadness of the loss. but also the continued amazement of having a fourth baby to love and the hopeful expectation of meeting this little guy.

okay, done with the tears for now. i am being kicked in the ribs (to the point of pain) right now and need to find an alternate position for this pregnant body.

so what do y'all think? do you think i will go full term with cashew? i think i will create a poll just for fun. i was induced on my due date for luca and went into labor naturally two weeks early with gia. i am notoriously bad at judging these matters. let's get your opinions.

(poll is now up and running. place your votes!)


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