what a difference 4 months make

we started here. and with a lot of work, made it to here. put in more time and love to get here.

and now we have this.


Stan & Jess said...

amazing! You guys have a green thumb! We are not even going to even get one tomato this year and I have 12 heirloom plants (I was planning on canning sauce), although none of my neighbors really have tomatoes either due to the cool weather. It looks beautiful.

stephanie said...

Wow! This is incredible! How fun! I also can barely get my tomatoes to turn this year! Your garden is just beautiful! And the memories you're creating for your children...so fun!

Kate said...

Wow wow wow! What a lovely jungle fo green goodness. Very inspiring for those of us whose backyards are green - but only cos of the weeds! I love seeing where you started and how it come along.

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