papi's day art

yes this is a month late. but these were finally framed and hung yesterday and i wanted to wait to share the finished product.

for father's day this year, one of the gifts we made for the papi of the year was a set of silhouettes. i had seen this project several times over the last year and had been saving them for a gift for jesse. i didn't follow any of the tutorials out there - mainly because i had a pretty good idea of how to accomplish this project. i took profile photos of each of the kiddos and traced the image right off the computer screen onto thin paper to make my template. after cutting out this template, i retraced it on heavy duty cardstock for stability and then recut for a final template. tada! - super easy.

what i love most is how simply and perfectly each of these captures my children. the turn of the noses, the flip or curl of the hair, the pout of the lips, the jut of the chins, the curve of the foreheads - so exquisitely sweet.

i traced copies for the kids and they made cards for jesse, while i worked on the art to be framed.

i don't think i can get a great photo of these - at least in place on the wall. this hallway is just too dim. but here is what i have so far (just ignore the shadows and such).


Rebecca said...

Stella would say, "That was amazing." I've seen those in catalogs, but they are so expensive. I'm totally gonna have to copy you - maybe next yr.

Rebecca said...

And as I said, I'm copying you this year. Hard to get profile shots of Gabe since he's on the move like crazy. I'm trying to decide on colors since I don't know exactly where I'll put them - upstairs in the hallway or in our bedroom? I want them to look classier though, so I can't be too crazy. Ideas?

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