luca and gia speak

it has been much too long since i have included this segment on this blog. it is one of my favorite ways to clue in our far-from-us-loved-ones about the minds and imaginations of luca and gia.


so it is easier to describe the essence of our conversations with the little man, rather than give word for word quotes. he has been asking a lot of questions about good guys and bad guys, wanting to know why some people would choose to be mean and violent, and what God does about the battle between them. at the heart of this, there are some deep and very spiritual answers. we have spent time explaining how God created man and woman, how we (humans) chose/choose to live outside of God's intention for us, and how He provided a way to Him through Jesus. luca has been very involved in these discussions and we feel he is processing this information very seriously. it has been such an amazing experience to walk through these ideas with our son.

another big issue for luca has been understanding the difference between what God created and man made. he wants to know what we have been responsible for and what God gave us.

he loves to talk about the baby as well. he asks about what he used to do when he was newborn and has big plans for helping out when cashew is born. he practices swaddling and feeding his doll david. super cute.

jesse and i both agree that his mispronunciation of words, especially those beginning with sm, sn, and st are so adorable and we will be sad when learns to properly pronounce these words.

for example:
toopy = snoopy
servil = silver
mocuter = computer
coot = cute

he also still cleverly tries to create new words to help fill out his vocabulary:

"we are imaginationing we are superheroes and we have to jump over the crack from the earthquake that is under each door so we can save the baby animals from the bad guys."

when i supply the correct word in these situations (i.e. imagining), he very stoically explains, "mama, i just speak differently than you."


"i love you so much." (said from one doll/animal to another every day and sometimes )

"you want to snuggle me?"
(please come lay down and snuggle in my bed.)

"give me kisses!"
(said to papi before he leaves for work)

"this is the mama and this is the baby."
(everything she touches becomes a mama and baby - dinosaurs, dolls, hotwheels, fork and sippy cup, etc.)

"i know that."
(i don't know.)

"he wants/needs. . ."
(this is how she explains what her dolls want. usually ends with "his mama/papi," "paci/blankie," or "shoes" - she is still shoe crazy.)

"my want to go bye-bye."
(she loves to leave the house and usually cries when we pull in our driveway. she is also really offended when we stop somewhere and she is not allowed to leave the car - i.e. the gas station - she feels she is missing out on some fun.)

"i playing with my dollies." (usually said at the top of her lungs when we can't see her. just letting us know what she's up to. she likes to play by herself and i think she doesn't want us to disturb her. )

"my looking for abc's." (we don't really know what this means, but gia uses this phrase all the time.)


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