let us introduce you to our littlest boy

yep. we are about to welcome one more little boy at casa hart. (smiles)

everything looked healthy and normal during our ultrasound this morning. he is measuring right at 20 weeks and is estimated to weigh about 11 ounces.

his big brother is thrilled. luca was positive it was a boy- i am not sure we could have convinced him otherwise. big sister was too busy playing with her grandpa to pay attention to the news.


Rebecca said...

Cool. I was thinking boy. Were you guys surprised? Congratulations!

Sonya said...

Well as I told you yesterday I am excited for you!!! It's funny that I was so sure cashew was a girl :) I suppose the next one should be a girl so I can give u those cute outfits I got :)

Roxanne said...

Yeah, congrats guys, Casa Hart will be even more exciting soon:) Love you!

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