how fantastic is this?

about a month ago, i spent an amazing weekend with one of my favorite people, sonya. we spent two days catching up over the last year, shopping at great stores you can't find in central illinois, eating yummy food, and even redecorating her apartment a bit. it was balm to a tired and lonely spirit.

there was another unexpected benefit of the weekend. while visiting one of those great stores, anthropologie, i stumbled across a floor model sofa that was drastically marked down and priced to sell. the only problem is that is was already being held for another customer. what could it hurt to ask if i could give my name just in case, right? well, a week later i finally get a call that the sofa is mine if i want! i wanted. we have never bought a new sofa before, so this felt like such a splurge. it is extremely comfortable - you have to sit on it to believe it.

i have been asked to post photos of said sofa by our family and friends who can't see it. here is the link from the store.

and here are a couple photos of it in the house. i added three pillows to the back, due to the depth of the couch. i also needed to add some color and texture to the simple lines of the piece. (i don't think these photos due it justice - the colors seem a bit off and you need to see and feel the texture of the belgium linen to appreciate it.)

here is a close up of the pillow case i sewed. i still need to finish the other two. all the fabrics were from my stash. i am pretty smitten with it!


Jennifer Paganelli said...

I am lovin it!!!

Sonya said...

wow Annie- the couch looks like it was made just for your home!!! what a fun weekend that was...i look forward to the next one :) where did u get the adorable pillow?

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