fun in the sun

last week, the kids and i trekked up to saugatuck, michigan for a family reunion of sorts. my grandma organized a trip for our family, reserving a cottage that sleeps 11 with the hope that many of us would want to join her for a week at lake michigan. well, turns out it was a popular idea. at the peak, 18 of us were crammed into that place. the living room alone hosted half the group (three air mattresses, a pull out sofa bed and a fold-up cot.)

it was a great week enjoying the beautiful weather with a couple summer storms thrown in for excitement. the town was super cute and only blocks from our place and a quick 5 minute drive took us to the beach. as you can see from my photo posted yesterday and the ones in this post, it is a gorgeous place. the water is some of the clearest on the lake. when standing chest deep in the water, you could still see your feet on the bottom. (so i am told by my brother since i was not about to go that far in with a water temp of 52 degrees.)

unfortunately jesse stayed home to make a deadline at work and refinish our downstairs wood floors. the payoff is that they look amazing!! but he definitely plans on joining us for any future trips. it was for sure a little much for me having responsibility of the kiddos for 8 days while in my fifth month of pregnancy. my mom, grandma, aunts, siblings, and cousins were superstar helpers though.

i was so glad that everyone was able to come. we have missed so many family holidays lately and i grew up seeing these people on a weekly basis. it was so neat for luca and gia to develop relationships with my aunts and cousins. they have been talking about everyone for the last 4 days pretty much nonstop.

gia had this obsessive love of all things beach - especially sand. she would swim in it, sleep in it, and even eat it.

luca showing off his superhero pose.

oh so chic little g.

missin' him

a buried picomon - his hair kept falling in his face so he couldn't see.

sandy faced girl - so happy to be there.

cousin max took them for a little boat ride. they pretended they were pirates in a storm.

luca and i went on an ice cream and park date one night.

my little beauty watching the sunset.


Roxanne said...

what fun times, beautiful pics!!!

Sonya said...

these pics are amazing...they are like baby gap shots!

Renee said...

Gia's profile pic looks just like you annalea! I agree with Sonya about the baby gap comment.

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