writer's block

i think it weird to have writer's block for this blog. i have plenty of things to share. but i have been so short on time and my mind isn't cooperating when i am available to post. i have been in a bit of a funk lately, emotionally and socially, and i guess that also applies here. maybe at some point this will change. i will keep posting plenty of photos and the occasional anecdote, but any in-depth, thought provoking, life analysis or soul searching will have to wait. love you all.

and yes, i did turn 30 last week. and in case you are wondering, none of my funk is related to that. feeling great about it, in fact. :)


Roxanne said...

I shall still be a loyal fan...Happy B-day, great that you are doing fab! A quick question what kind of camera do you have? I always love the pics you post and ours is officially dying a slow death...? can you email me? Happy Easter...Love you!

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