home alone

but not really. jesse is gone again tonight. another trip to nashville. there are actually three others in my home right now though. but they all went to bed at 7:30. my dad came back to town today after an almost three month break. he is once again working here in champaign and we are gladly welcoming him as our houseguest. luca was so excited to see the truck pull up. "my grandpa is here!" so sweet. i spent some time getting my hands dirty in the garden, while they played t-ball and catch (and gia finished her nap.)

these last few weeks have been pretty intense. at the beginning of the month, i fell ill - i mean super ill - with a mean stomach flu. lasted over a week. probably the worst flu i have had as an adult - possibly in my life. jesse was an amazing superdad and some awesome moms from church stepped up to help as well. over a week later and i am still playing catch-up to housework and general life duties. it is crazy how not doing laundry for one week can bury you. i have resigned to spend each morning this week cleaning and such for several hours straight. not my idea of fun but pretty much a necessity to dig out of this hole.

those are a few of thoughts on this solitary wednesday evening. i might even give you a second post tonight about our potager progress or treat you to some cute luca and gia speak. we'll see. love, annalea


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