as of last saturday

we have finished building the beds! jesse pretty much rocks.

this is a pretty accurate idea of the spacing. there will be three foot paths between the beds. the four large beds will be our main crop of annual herbs, vegetables, and flowers. we will have a four year crop rotation plan among them. the two beds being hugged by the large beds (or as luca puts it, "in the dragons' mouths") will house our strawberries and borage. the two large square beds in the center row will be reserved for perennial herbs and veggies. and the center bed will also have perennial herbs and veggies along with some giant sunflowers.

this coming weekend we need to finish leveling the plot, stake the beds in place (after carefully measuring and straightening the design) and fill the beds with compost and soil. if time allows, we will work on the fence (very unlikely). it is feeling like a slow process, but we have had so many rainy weekends. but see how far we have come! maybe i'll get some photos of our seedlings later this week.


Rebecca said...

Love it!!!! I will have to travel to Champaign to go strawberry picking!!!! Love you guys...Becky

Stan & Jess said...

Hey Annalea,
Love the garden design - I'm very envious of such organization in a pretty design. I just wanted to tell you just incase you've never done strawberries before, its hard for me to gage how big the space is in the photo, but strawberries spread big time! Our small little spot that used to have enough for a few bowls of cereal (about 4 years ago) has taken over an area that I can get a couple of strawberry ruhrbarb pies and plenty for snacking and other uses. This year I may try making jam with a friend to can and use all year as well as freezing them in half depending on what the crop does. Strawberries also really suck the nutrients out of the area they are in, so give them lots of good compost every year to get a high yield of fruit. Also I highly recommend bird netting if you want any for yourself, we almost lost them all one year. But be careful with the netting, we had some chipmunks get caught up in it last year and well... it did not end well for the poor guys. You probably don't need any of this info as seeing as you guys are probably pros but just thought I would pass on my own experience. =) Happy Gardening - the kids are going to have so much fun, looks like a great plot! I'll keep peeking in for updates and fun ideas to steal ; )

Symon Burton said...

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