and you can't even see the shin guards

okay - how seriously cute is this boy? saturday was his first day of soccer clinic - teaching dribbling, passing, shooting and playing little scrimmages. this is his first team sport experience.

he has been counting down the weeks since january. he wore his shin guards all day friday in anticipation - you should see how adorable he looks when not bundled up for 40 degree weather.

he was nervous about going onto the field by himself and wanted one of us to stay nearby.

and when it came down to it, that is where he stayed the entire hour. on the sidelines, watching and getting comfortable with this whole idea. he did kick around a ball (behind the goal - not on the field).

i can't say we were surprised. luca is a pretty shy little boy and often needs time to adjust. we are hoping he will break out of his shell in the coming weeks. if not, there is always next year. :)


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