thank you jennifer

you may remember a few months back that the very sweet jennifer paganelli made my day. after such a tough month, the talented and thoughtful lady kind of swooped in and rose my spirits. she might not know it, but it was a real blessing at the time. she even sent me a generous and super fun package of fat quarters and a stylin' headband. her new line flower power is vintage, fresh, and gorgeous. i have been hoarding these 5 pieces waiting for the right inspiration.

on the day miss gia bee had her surgery, we came home from the hospital to a surprise package on the porch. i recognized the address at once. jennifer had once again intervened in my life with impeccable timing with a long distance hug. in the midst of taking care of my baby girl, a couple more fat quarters slipped into my stash.

this past weekend, i was itching to "do something" with my hands. work in the garden or paint a dresser or hang some photos or catch up on scrapbooking or start new embroidery. then inspiration was found - i found a project to use this lovely fabric - spool's fabric birds. the above picture is the result!

their intended resting (nesting?) spot is being constructed - i think you will love the finished product. oh and they were so rewarding and fun, i decided to make them some friends.

so a huge thank you to jennifer. i am so grateful to have made a new friend in you. a little birdie will be flying your way soon!


Rebecca said...

Love the birds and the fabrics. Glad Gia is back to herself. Stella's having a timeout-a-thon today:)

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Annalea..God always knows what we need first to you then back to me the grace very very very pretty hope they bring so much comfort to your world you are so special.

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