quick gia update (and maybe a little more)

hello. i really thought i would post the day of gia's surgery to give an update on how things went. or at least that weekend. or maybe the next week. certainly not past the following weekend. silly me.

let me just write - it has been a long week and a half. maybe i'll even tell you about it sometime. for now here are some pics from the hospital. and i am not even going to do any editing on them. they just came out of the camera this evening. like i said long week. and i am only up due to the lovely combination of a horrible cold and an annoying time change. i really am not in a bad mood. just tired and uncomfortable. but i have been working on a fun project that i want to show you soon too. if i have time. . . :)

but so you know - she is doing great. finally getting back to her chatterbox self - it was really weird without her little chirping around this house. but i'll have to introduce you to helium girl in a later post. she is also eating well - pretty much anything and everything - but with a smaller appetite. it was a bit scary there for awhile when nothing appealed to her - not even ice cream, juice, chocolate milk, applesauce, jello, pudding - nothing. she is still cranky when she nears the time for a new dose of pain meds and for sure after waking. but at least she is now sleeping through the night again - that was pretty horrible for all of us. we go in on friday for her post-op check-up.

enjoying pbs on the little tv and looking so sweet in the little gown

little blurry but i love the expression on gia bee's face

still her usual cheerful self at this point

definitely becoming suspicious about what's to come

clementine wondering where her girl went -
sorry honey, she is hiding from that nurse lady on the papi's lap

tonsil and adenoid free! but chock full of drugs and really loopy.

gia finally passed out


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