a monster among us

in just one week, my little guy will be turning four! his party is this weekend and we are celebrating monster style. check out the super cute invites i created (i am seriously proud of these. completely my own design!)

and when you pull on the head and feet,
his mouth opens to read:

the boy is so excited. he and i spent an hour at hobby lobby monday night picking out supplies for the party and discussing the menu for lunch. it is much more enjoyable for me to give him control of the details - rather than try to plan the "perfect" party. i love seeing his creativity and hearing his opinions. we have a project in the works for the party that we'll show you next week. all i have to say is it monstrously awesome.

the inspiration for the party came from a shirt he loves ("a monster ate my socks")and then an apron i made him for valentine's day (leftover christmas project that i finally completed.) the pocket has my first ever large scale embroidery design ("little monsters in the hartland"). the photo is pretty poor - blurry and all - and yes, the photo was after hours of wearing, meaning wrinkled and maybe even a bit dirty. let's just call it loved.


Brittany said...

Can't wait to come visit you guys next week!
Just call me or email me so we can work out all the details!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love love love the apron

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