gia speak

gia is talking up a storm - a crazy adorable chatterbox. our little comedienne is making us laugh all the time. (she seriously loves to entertain us.) let us share a bit of her cuteness.

everyday, morning to night, she sings, "happy birthday to you, (insert name of person or object, such as mama, blankie, dinosaur, carrotstick, etc.)

when waking from a nap, she hides her face under a blankie complaining "it's too bright"

she was sitting quietly in the cart today at sams for the first 20 minutes. then all of a sudden, she called out, "papi, i like those!" and pointed to saltines. after seeing elmo cupcakes at the bakery she exclaimed "my upcakes!" then she told a man passing in the aisle, "you eat this" and tried to hand him her snack. in the car on the way home, she explained, "my now sing "ahhh" and then sweetly sang "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" for the next few minutes.


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