barefoot with a headache

this weekend was the annual women's overnighter for our church. the theme was provocative fashion: if the devil wears prada, i don't mind going barefoot. we examined the idea that we can be trendsetters for God, establishing and popularizing Christ.

what does it look like to go barefoot?

it was really an amazing time and was so neat to see so many ladies use their God given gifts, abilities, and time to serve the others in our community. thanks to all who helped pull it off.

the bummer was that i was in the throes of headache misery throughout. i have had a headache every day for the last 9 days - the last 4 of them getting progressively worse. imitrex has saved me from being totally incapacitated, but even then i was wiped out for the entire afternoon today. i am so ready for these to be over. there are several triggers for these headaches to create a "perfect storm" of circumstances. i hope it is all coming to an end so i can focus on life more fully.

in other news, i have been very absent from the blogging world since coming back from honduras. a little due to being out of the habit, mostly though because we have been sooooooooo busy. i mean, we had a full schedule for the month of february and then several unexpected snafus were thrown in to jazz it up. we had a broken water heater for almost a week - yay! the biggest news though is that gia is slotted for a major surgery this coming friday (2/27) and we have had a lot of preparations to make. she will be having her tonsils and adenoids removed. i will post in more detail later.

love you all, annalea


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