what a week

there were so many times this week that i thought, "wow, that would make a good post." things kept happening, nothing overly important, just lots of odds and ends. pair them with a bad bad cold and i was overwhelmed for the large part of the week. we are "healthy" now and i thought i would finally catch you up on the hart happenings .

i will start with the healthy in quotation marks. it is true our colds and gia's flu are gone, but, oh yes, my fibromyalgia has come back full force this week. i think the hormones leaving my system have left me particularly vulnerable.

and then there is the e-mail i received tuesday stating i won the sew like a pro sweepstakes. most, if not all, of my readers will have no idea what that is. let me explain. one of my favorite designers, anna maria horner, came out with her first book in october. to celebrate, her publishing company decided to host a contest to win a bunch of free sewing related gifts. it was one of those enter once a day for a month type of things, but i literally only filled out the form once. i didn't win the grand prize, but out of 53,000 entries, i was one of three second placers. fun! a few of my christmas list ideas were checked off that day. i will be sure to post when i receive my goodies in the mail.

thirty minutes after i received the above e-mail, i heard the tinkle of christmas ornaments hitting the floor. shoot, flaco! yes, not only had he knocked down the ornaments, but i found the entire 7.5' tall 5.5' wide tree laying in the middles of the living room. i had to remove all of the decorations (including lights) and start from scratch. thankfully, i was only halfway through the ornaments, but those lights took me 2 hours to put on. not fun! by thursday night i finally had the tree finished. (well, we still have to put the star on top.)

oh and then my microwave died later that day - actually only 10 mintues or so after the tree falling. just an appliance, i know, but a part of me thought, "i got this at a bridal shower." almost nine years later, it came to its end.

i am not done with the events of our week, but am needed elsewhere in my home. to be continued. . .


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