what a week part 2 or i am in a funk today

this has not been a great day. i feel melancholy. just part of the process. i expected to be able to go to the gym and work up some endorphins while just blocking out some of the yuckiness. but the slick sidewalks and roads 'round these parts nixed that plan. we were hit with oh so fun ice early this morning.

so to finish recapping last week. . .

it was also the six month anniversary of moving to the new house. six months! weird. still so much settling in to do. i constantly have to remind myself that we can only do what we can do. jesse's job has been so demanding, which although can be exhausting for all of us, we are continuously thankful for. plus we have been making an effort to get connected with our new church, which means less time for unpacking and such. add to this, the day in and day out responsibility of taking care of two kids, plus needing to take care of myself and we have some busy days even without unpacking. regardless, i will prevail over these boxes!

i don't know what else i should write. yes, christmas is coming. gia is about to turn two. i leave for honduras in less than a month. i am excited about all of these things, but they are serious drains on time and energy. presents to buy, decorating and baking to do, and support raising and packing to finish. i want to be clear that i don't feel obligated to do any of this prep. i want to. i choose to. and i love it. i am just tired.

sorry if i am not that interesting today. maybe i will post later some of the kid's cuteness. much more entertaining. here's to praying my melancholy lifts and the spirit of the Lord fills and lifts me up.


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