things that brightened my week

as i anxiously wait for jesse to come home from the grocery store while driving in an ice storm (i did not send him out in this weather - he forgot to inform me of the cranberry sauce he committed to bringing to tomorrow's office party) and the oven brings me smells of baking wedding cake for this weekend, i am going to share a few of my bright spots in a somewhat crummy week.

these two photos showcase our new house after a small snowfall. i love everything looking dusted with white and feeling barren. i think there is something so beautiful as the green retreats and the world hibernates. this place has such gorgeous lines in the hard and landscaping. the row of maples is especially lovely.

this week marks the first time i have been able to french braid gia-girl's hair. getting her to sit still and her unruly curls to cooperate was no small task. although her locks almost reach the middle of her back when pulled straight, i rarely even tie it back in a ponytail or two. this is not the best photo to show off the cuteness, but she was enjoying running in her boots too much to capture.

today i received my sweepstakes prize, but i will have to snap a few shots tomorrow for you all to enjoy. the fabric is beautiful and visions of aprons, quilts, and pillows are dancing in my head.

who doesn't love receiving packages in the mail? i would be interested to know. i hit the motherload this week in that department. between christmas and gia's birthday, we have had something arrive everyday. that is what happens when half of your family lives across the country. oh and when you do most of your christmas shopping on-line. when you add my prize box of goodies, three separate deliveries were made today alone!

this was the last week for me to raise support for my trip to honduras. i am so amazed by the way things came together and feel truly blessed by the generous people who are making this trip possible. thank you all so much!

well now i feel like this was actually not such a crummy week. this was therapeutic. and between writing this post and several cake checking interruptions, i made it through the wait fairly quickly. jesse is home! and now the cranberries await. oh and wrapping gia's birthday present. until next time. . .


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