possibly the last

this weekend i made possibly my last wedding cake. i am going into semi-retirement. it just takes too much out of me and our family. i want to thank the six couples who have let me bake, decorate, and experiment for their special days.

congratulations kim and kyle!!!

(for those of you familiar with the uiuc campus, the reception took place at ARC - the newly renovated and renamed IMPE. everyone had a blast playing crumpets on the basketball courts - the wedding party changed into gym shoes. the above photos overlook the outdoor swimming pool. my camera battery literally died after two photos though - arghhh!)


Josh Peters said...

Still one of the best cakes I've ever eaten; definitely the best cake I've ever eaten over the span of 4 weeks.

Teresa said...

She's so cute! Just so you know it is Marissa Xicotencatl. By the way I am using my neighbors account!

annalea said...

oh thanks mari. you are so grown up now, leaving comments on my blog and all.

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