can i just add?

that jennifer paganelli of sis boom just made my week even sweeter. she is the designer of the fabric i am using upstairs for curtains. i posted some photos of them on flickr and added them to the sis boom pool. she was very gracious in her compliments a couple weeks back (which kind of blew me away as i am a big admirer of her work). and today she asked to use my photos on her website! how fantastic is that?


Anonymous said...

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Sabrina Hlavaty said...

I bought a crib sheet set that is the same color as your curtains while I was pregnant and have been unable to figure out what color to paint her nursery. That yellow is perfect! Do you have the name of the color?

Your blog is so aspiring to me...I'm so happy I stumbled across it.

Sabrina Hlavaty said...


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