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tomorrow is our 5 month anniversary since closing on the house and at times i want to tear my hair out because i still feel so unsettled. but then i remember that i have two young kids (usually cause i hear them screaming) and that we have a life outside our house (work, ministry, friends, etc.). so then i just say, we'll have to get it all done before the baby comes. :)

but i want to share some of the things that keep me going when i am tired and ready to throw out my unpacked boxes. i love to make my house beautiful. it helps me feel in touch with my Creator. the beginning of "the hidden art of homemaking" by edith schaeffer gives a wonderful description of God as the first artist. i highly recommend it.

so the above photo is a shot of one of my dining room chairs, newly recovered with a beautiful rose fabric, up against the yellow wall of my dining room, framed by the red and white damask curtains we just hung this week. i adore this combination.

below is a shot of the chandelier hung above the landing on our stairs. it is visible from the downstairs hallway and basically everywhere on the second floor. i feel like it is the jewelery to finish an outfit. but the outfit is really still getting pulled together. i love the way the crystals cast a rainbow of colors and sparkle on the walls.

i'll be sure to share more of the fun stuff for inspiration to myself and others. love you all!


Manitowoc, WI said...

love the chair fabric, wall color, and curtain together - definitely you!

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