blog slacker? i don't think so.

well, i know that i am not posting on here as regularly as i used to. the last 6 months have been sooo crazy. i miss sharing all of our funny and memorable stories, but the reality is my time is stretched much more thin. i don't think it is any one part of life - just the sum of all of my responsibilities. jesse's new job. moving. two growing busy kids. moving again. unpacking. health/fibro. ministry/new church. the pregnancy. my upcoming trip to honduras. the approaching holidays.

here's to all of the blogworthy stories that have fallen through the cracks. let me know if you have a deep desire to hear/see more about any of these.
  • grandma scrunchies trip in july
  • playing at the pool
  • our 8th anniversary weekend
  • gia calling 911 and the police showing up at the house
  • the fall retreat
  • apple picking/pumpkin patch
  • the kids now sharing a room
  • finishing the hardwood floors upstairs
  • luca's intense fear/dislike of conflict on tv/dvds
  • gia's blooming language skills
  • our first visit with the midwife


Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously? That is the freaking coolest playlist ever. I don't know the last song, but Chasing Furies? Did I know you liked them??? I miss that Plumb song. Did we ever cover that? Word.


Roxanne said...

hey girl!! I want to hear about Gia calling 911 & why you are going to Honduras- are the kids going?

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