game day

so i get a call last friday from jesse asking if i want to go to the illinois homecoming football game the next day. he had just been handed four tickets from his boss. of course, i jumped at the chance since tickets are both pricey and hard to find. and these weren't just any tickets. no these were season tickets from the owner of his company. we are talking good seats. the above pic is the view from our seats with no zoom.

so at about 10am on saturday we leave the house to walk over to the stadium. google maps puts it at less than a mile, but that is a long way for a little guy like luca and for jesse to carry gia (he swears his left forearm was bigger by the end of the day). so by the time we arrived to the tailgating section, we didn't have the energy to walk around. we just headed straight for our seats to give the kiddos a break.

the problem here is that it was super sunny and the temps were already in the mid 70s and climbing. so it was not much of a break to sit, unless you count the fact that we got super cool padded seats on our bleachers that came with the tickets. score!

we had a great time regardless of the 80 something degree temps by late afternoon and getting red from the sun on our right arms. i think luca has enjoyed the memory of it more than the actual event. he is super sensitive to sound and had a hard time with the noise. gia liked the ice cream :) and being held by her papa for basically 5 hours straight.

so that was the kids first illini experience. i have many fond memories of block i as a student. i kept wanting to get up and do all the cheers and dances with the students, but was stuck in the "adult" section and trying to keep two babes occupied. just wish they would have won the game. . .but at least it was exciting until the end.

heading out to the game

yay! we are here!

i am missing my nap people. . .ohh she has on cool jeans

hot, sweaty, ready for ice cream

the sea of orange that is block i

juice (for my dad)

gia about to sleep on papi two blocks from home


Grandma Ronnie said...

We were at the game too. We have season tickets so we can see Katy who is an Illinette with the Marching Illini. We are down every home game weekend. Your kids are so cute and BIG! You both look great and happy. Last year we took Anni to the Homecoming game. Sure wish I could still do that. :(

annalea said...

oh i bet you miss them so much. we saw katy (from afar) - even took a photo of her! i still remember her being 5 years old!

Roxanne said...

WHat great pics Ann- looks like a blast! SO glad you got to go. ILL

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