the adventures of dragon boy and the pet chicken


my little monsters had so much fun tonight. check out all of our photos.

first we stopped by to see one of our babysitters and show off our costumes. then we ran into our friends the norcross and dillow families while walking around the neighborhood pre-trick or treating and spent the next hour and a half with them. luca had so much running from house to house with his friends. instead of saying trick or treat when he reached the door, he announced in a dramtic voice "dragon" to announce his presence. gia was content in the wagon for the first hour looking through her four or five treats (and really people do we need to get candy for her when you know who will end up eating it?). when we got back to our street, she visited each house with her brother saying a sweet "twick o tweet" and "ank oo." our neighbors were thoroughly charmed. miss trish from next door even gave bought gia a stuffed pumpkin doll for her basket.

my dad stayed back to hand out candy, so i can't be sure of how many kiddos we had stop by, but i do know we have too much candy left. we always overbuy. i hate the idea of running out.

hope you all had a great night!


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