i cut my hair!!

omg, isn't it sooooo adorable? i think so.

if you just looked at this blog, you would think all we do is talk about hair. not usually, believe me. but, it just happens that the same month that luca decided to cut his hair by himself and need a major style change, i decided to make a change myself. after 7 years of growing and keeping my hair long, i cut off about 8 inches (in the back). i have been a fan of the bob craze going through hollywood (ala katie holmes, gwenyth paltrow, jennifer lopez, etc.) so i had a long angled bob of my own cut today. ta-da!

the before shot. i woke up about 10 minutes before this photo was taken if you can't tell.

the before shot of the back. so pretty and long.

couldn't wait for jesse. self-taken after shots.

i love this new look!


Roxanne said...

you hair is wicked cute girl!!!

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