and the result. . .

none of the above.

sorry, but we did go with any options from the poll. we were leaning towards a mohawk/something fun type look, but decided that daily maintenance and long-term growing out (read: spending more time and/or money cutting luca's hair) kept us from going that route. we would never buzz his hair (it was just for the poll never a true option), sorry just not my thing. and i couldn't just do something typical little boy (even though when you see the pics you may think it looks like it - but this really is different in person). instead it is a close cropped, super layered and razored look but still keeping length around the head (no buzzing or clippers needed). it will grow out beautifully and it makes him look a lot older. short styles in the past have made him look younger with his chubby cheeks and round face (a la mama) so i was so surprised. we can also put some of papi's product in it to spike and funk it up.

it took me until this morning to be excited about it - i really miss his long locks ( i was much more attached then i thought) and plan on growing them back out (if luca gives me the okay). but i have to admit i love this new look as well. he just better not think about taking those scissors to gia'c curls.

pre self-haircut

short pieces at crown of head

front shot of short bangs and thinned out left side of head

haircut to fix it all - luca is very somber

my gorgeous boy showing off his new short-do! he looks so much older.


Manitowoc, WI said...

I love his haircut!

Britt said...

awww! that's really cute. he looks great!

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